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Our Materials

Our Materials

KAYBEE SCHOOL EQUIPMENT MFG. CO., is pleased to present it's range of materials that are used extensively in 'The Prepared Environment" in accordance with the Montessori Aims and Principles. This environment encourages children to use the Material and through it, to educate themselves thus enabling them to work in harmony for a higher cause!

Our items comprise two main areas consisting of Montessori Materials and Pre-Primary Teaching Aids.

Montessori Material
  Montessori Material is to be used as per the Montessori Method of Application for children within the age group of 2 ½ to 6 yrs.
  Exercises of Practical Life
  Senorial Apparatus
  Other School requisites
  Geography and General Knowledge
Pre-Primary Material
Pre-primary Material is also used for children within the age group of 2 ½ to 6 yrs but a formal training is not imperative. Also, these materials can be put to best use as supplementary teaching aids in a classroom or at home.

  Preliminary Activities
  Educational Toys
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